Old Skool Weekender FAQ’s

I have a ticket enquiry who do I contact?

Is there a minimum age to attend the Old Skool Weekender?

Yes there is. Our weekend is for Adults only above the age of 21 and proof of ID will be required when booking.

Please see the ID tab when booking to see what ID we will accept.

Is the deposit for the whole booking or per person?

The deposit is per person.

Are deposits refundable?

No, all monies paid are non refundable. Please make sure when you make the booking you are able to attend the weekend as any money paid cannot be refunded.

What is the booking fee?

Each of the ticketing websites charge their own booking fee. Please contact the website that you purchased your ticket from to enquire about booking fees. All booking fees are non refundable.

In the event of a cancellation or postponement?

In the event of a postponement all tickets will be transferred to the new date. Deposits and bookings fees will also be transferred. In the event of a cancellation booking fees and deposits will not be refunded.

There are 3/5 of us that would like to book a 4/6 berth apartment. Do we need to pay for the extra berth?

Unfortunately yes. If there are 3/5 people in a 4/6 berth apartment all spaces would need to be paid for. The same as if 2 people wanted to book a 4 berth apartment, all 4 places would need to be booked and paid for.

I don’t have all the names for the booking yet is that a problem?

No, initially all you need to do is make the booking, pay the deposits. All the other information is supplied later.

Will we be charged a deposit on arrival at Pontins?

Can we smoke in the Apartments?

NO, all Apartments are non smoking, this includes E Cigarettes. If you have been found to have been smoking in your apartment you may be charged a cleaning fee. There are designated areas throughout the resort for guests who smoke.

Do the Apartments have mini Fridges?

Yes the Apartments have fridges in them as they all have the option for self catering.

Do the Apartments come with bed linen?

Do the Apartments have towels in them?

Towels are NOT included in the booking price but can be purchased on site.

Does electricity come as standard with the Apartment?

Do the Apartments have Wifi?

What are the options for disabled customers?

Are personal assistant tickets available?

As this is a group booking, unfortunately personal assistant tickets are not available. All tickets will need to be paid for.

Can I bring Alcohol to drink on the coach?

Can we bring our own Alcohol on the weekender?

Yes, you are able to bring your own alcohol for your own consumption, please DO NOT bring an excessive amount of alcohol as we have a right to confiscate excessive amounts at our own discretion.

What is the Alcohol and Drugs Policy of the weekender?

Any further questions please contact info@oldskoolweekender.com

Do I need to bring ID?

Yes, you will need to provide proof that you are over the age of 25 as this is the T&C’s of our Old Skool Weekender.

ID we will accept:

For every guest on the booking we need to have:

This information is required within 48hrs of booking and paying the deposit. If this information is not provided in the time stated we have the right to cancel your booking. No refunds will be given.

When do we get our event wristbands?


What is the venue’s policy on behaviour and compliance?


What is prohibited on the Old Skool Weekender?

For security reasons we have the right to randomly search each guest. Please be patient if there are queues, please co-operate with any queues or security searches.

Any other items that are not listed above that we feel dangerous, deemed unsafe or poses a threat to public safety and/or security will also be confiscated.

Filming and Photography

During the Old Skool Weekender there is a possibility that there will be photographers/videographers present taking footage of the event.

You give us the rights, FREE of charge to anything containing your image or your parties images to be used for future publications without prior notice or authorisation.

Any further questions or booking enquiries please contact info@oldskoolweekender.com